How to Record TV Shows on TiviMate

TiviMate: The IPTV Player Revolutionizing TV Recording in 2023

TiviMate, revered for its sleek user interface and exceptional ease of use, has become the go-to for IPTV aficionados everywhere. But are you leveraging its functionalities to the fullest? If you’re missing out on recording features, let this guide light the way.

Some IPTV providers don’t support the recording feature, making TiviMate stand out even more for those fortunate enough to capitalize on this function. For those moments when you can’t be glued to the screen – be it that not-to-be-missed sports match or a gripping live episode – TiviMate’s recording feature is your savior.

Mastering the Art of Weekly Recording on TiviMate

To harness TiviMate’s recording prowess, ensure you have TiviMate Premium installed on your Android TV box and have your IPTV details loaded. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough:

  1. Navigate to the Guide: Identify the channel you wish to record. Focus on the day and time, rather than the specific show.
  2. Long Press for Options: A menu will appear on your screen’s right. Dive into “Custom recording” and select “New recording”.
  3. Fine-Tune the Recording Details: Set the start date, time, and duration. If it’s a recurring show, select the weekly air date.
  4. Name Your Recording: Give it a title for easy reference later.

Tip: Due to occasional delays on IPTV channels, consider extending your recording duration by 5-10 minutes. You wouldn’t want to miss the climax of your favorite show!

How to Manually Record on TiviMate:

  • Initiate Recording: While streaming, click the UP button until a menu surfaces. Highlight and select the recording symbol.
  • Confirmation: Once the recording begins, a confirmation message pops up.

Locating Your Recorded Content on TiviMate

Find your TV gems in the ‘Recordings’ section. From the channel list, press the left arrow button to unveil the side menu, and then click on ‘Recordings’.

FAQs: Dive Deeper into TiviMate’s Capabilities

Do I need an external storage device for IPTV recordings?

Given that a standard 1080p TV episode can consume 2-4 gigabytes, storage is vital. Devices like MeCool boxes with ample internal storage might not require external storage. However, for Firestick users, an external solution is a must due to limited internal space.

Why isn’t TiviMate recording?

Ensure your device is powered and TiviMate remains active. Turning off the app or depriving it of power can halt recordings.

What’s the deal with TiviMate Premium?

TiviMate is more than just a player; it integrates with third-party IPTV services using M3U links, Xtream codes, and Stalker Portal. A mere installation won’t grant instant access to TV channels or films.

With these insights, you’re all set to redefine your IPTV experience with TiviMate. Don’t just watch; record and relive!